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started 11/21/2003; 12:46:00 PM - last post 11/22/2003; 9:48:18 AM
Ehud Lamm - Another milestone  blueArrow
11/21/2003; 12:46:00 PM (reads: 11215, responses: 6)
Another milestone
A recent message in our very active discussion group was the 10000th message on LtU.

If someone would have told me, when LtU was born, that we will reach this day, I wouldn't have believed him.

Thanks, guys!

Posted to admin by Ehud Lamm on 11/21/03; 12:47:41 PM

Chris Rathman - Re: Another milestone  blueArrow
11/21/2003; 2:37:26 PM (reads: 358, responses: 0)
To commemorate this milestone, I have updated the LtU Indexes for those that need to catch up.

Ryan Tarpine - Re: Another milestone  blueArrow
11/21/2003; 6:41:24 PM (reads: 321, responses: 0)
As a freshman in CS who visits this site religiously, all I can give is a big "thank you!" to the editors and everyone who posts here. You spark my interest in all corners of CS, and you often keep me up late reading when I should be doing my homework. I've learned more through this site than I ever could in any class. I can only hope that in a few years maybe a paper of mine will appear here :-)

Andris Birkmanis - Re: Another milestone  blueArrow
11/22/2003; 2:39:38 AM (reads: 283, responses: 0)
Decamillennium :-) I was very careful yesterday not to use that magic post #10000 :-)

On the serious side, this place is great, it brougth me from complete ignorance of Scheme, Haskell and ML to a state of at least accepting their right to existence ;-)

Even deeper, I started to think about programming languages just as carriers of ideas, not unlike living beings carrying genes (was that one of the premises of intentional programming?).

All in all, a rich and stimulating community! Thanks, guys :-)

Dominic Fox - Re: Another milestone  blueArrow
11/22/2003; 7:16:07 AM (reads: 250, responses: 1)

Yes, LtU is also my daily dose of what does me good; which reminds me, I must update the bit of my profile where it says Python is my favourite language...

(For the record, I now don't have a favourite language - although there are several that I'm trying to get to know better. Maybe I should let Python stay until I know enough Oz/Erlang/Haskell/whatever to justify replacing it with one of them).

Andris Birkmanis - Re: Another milestone  blueArrow
11/22/2003; 7:59:23 AM (reads: 250, responses: 0)
Funny, my profile has been stating I don't have a favorite language until a couple of days ago :-)

May I ask you what do you think about Alice?

Dominic Fox - Re: Another milestone  blueArrow
11/22/2003; 9:48:18 AM (reads: 233, responses: 0)

I'd not looked at Alice before, but I've just been peering at the feature list and it seems quite encouraging. Part of what I want is a less purist Haskell (with the option of being purist when it suits me, and having the compiler, type-checker etc. help me to enforce that voluntarily chosen discipline); and another part of it is the kind of logic-and-concurrency-orientated perspective that Peter Van Roy was expounding here recently. So Alice looks pretty good to me...