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inactiveTopic DSL for bookmarklets
started 11/26/2003; 5:05:39 AM - last post 11/26/2003; 5:44:25 AM
Ehud Lamm - DSL for bookmarklets  blueArrow
11/26/2003; 5:05:39 AM (reads: 125, responses: 2)
Suppose you want to write bookmarklets using a DSL.

You can write a compiler from your DSL into Javascript. Do you know of any example out there of this sort of thing?

Or you could implement an interpreter in Javascript. How about implementing the interpreter in Scheme using an interpreter written in Javascript? Does your head ache already? Or do you think this would be a cool hack?

Sjoerd Visscher - Re: DSL for bookmarklets  blueArrow
11/26/2003; 5:31:45 AM (reads: 122, responses: 1)
What kind of DSL are you thinking of? Or in other words, what's wrong with Javascript?

Ehud Lamm - Re: DSL for bookmarklets  blueArrow
11/26/2003; 5:44:25 AM (reads: 120, responses: 0)
Just to make things fun...

Well, as a matter of fact the idea is to provide a DSL that works on the server (accessing the data base) or on the client (parsing HTML), without the programmer having to change his code.

The second reason is that I want to allow people to use domain related abstracions (e.g., on lambda you'd have etc.) and more accessible syntax (for end-user types).<p I guess that all but the last requirement can be achieved by library code intead.