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inactiveTopic I am back!
started 8/26/2000; 1:07:26 PM - last post 8/26/2000; 1:07:26 PM
Ehud Lamm - I am back!  blueArrow
8/26/2000; 1:07:26 PM (reads: 271, responses: 0)
I am back!
Hi everyone, I am back! I see there are new memberes who joined when I was away - glad to see you!

I want to thank Andrew for his great contributions, keeping the site alive and well while I was away - great job, Andrew!

I am still browsing all the good material, as well as the suggestions. I am not sure it is possible to change the way the numbers of responses appear on the main page. I tend to think there is no option regarding this in the Manilla pref pages.

I have tons of work, coming back from vacation, and unfortunately I also have some family health problems to deal with, so I will not be able to be very useful around here for a bit longer. However I am reading the site and my email, so I can try and help with any maintenance issues. All those wanting to join as contributing editors - let me know!

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