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andrew cooke - Archived  blueArrow
3/24/2001; 3:17:33 PM (reads: 838, responses: 6)
Is there an independent archive of this site? What happens if Userland folds?

Chris Rathman - Re: Archived  blueArrow
3/24/2001; 3:38:29 PM (reads: 901, responses: 0)
Don't know? IIRC, this is done via UserLand and Dave Winer. Probably means that the board is on pretty form footing and will weather the shifting sands.

I did go through an episode on EZBoard where the ISP refused to allow them access to the server, meaning that 4 months worth of messages were lost with no means of recovery (I think they learned their lesson over that one).

Speaking of losing stuff, I see that Tim Robinson's '99 Bottles' website is no longer accessible. I think ionet got usurped and the new owners haven't got the links working. Be a sad day if we lose that resource. :-(

andrew cooke - Re: Archived  blueArrow
3/25/2001; 1:12:11 AM (reads: 901, responses: 0)
It's actually DW that started me wondering about this - I had a rather brusque reply from him in another forum (completely unrelated topic) and some other blogs have been commenting on how agressive he's been recently. I just wondered what the reason was...

PS The 99 bottles are in google's cache, but as each language appears to be on a separate page it's not simple to collect them all. I keep a copy of my own site on a local disk and update the ISP using gftp, which will detect and upload new pages (as will most other GUI ftp clients).

Chris Rathman - Re: Archived  blueArrow
3/25/2001; 8:04:04 AM (reads: 885, responses: 0)
DW has a history of aggressiveness. That's just his style. Long ago, he irked a lot of the Apple fans with his criticisms. Of late, he's big into RPC-XML over http (SOAP) - which means he's closely been tied to a lot of Microsoft's efforts - taking a good deal of criticism along the way.

I've always got the impression that DW is brilliant but moody. The mood swings tend to make him rash in what he says, but his works (such as the weblogs stuff) seem to be steady and methodical. Only suggestion I have is to gauge him more by what he does rather than what he says. He can be highly unpredictable in his messages but is usually reliable where it matters.

Ehud Lamm - Re: Archived  blueArrow
3/25/2001; 9:13:53 AM (reads: 878, responses: 1)
We should be grateful that Dave Winer created the possbility for us having this site by providing great software, and proving free hosting.

In fact Dave discussed the backup issue, awhile back, and if I undersantd correctly his solution is that by using Radio you can have your local weblog (and publish it in several different ways), so you can backup your own data in whatever way you think appropriate.

I am not sure I understand how this works with comunnity sites, like this one. Naturaly, Dave thinks that if you want more than what is available from the free services, you should by the server software, and run it on your own machines.

Since it is possible to access the XML of the data on these severs, it should also be possible to build a backup robot.

I feel Dave is provinding a gret service, and seems very dedicated to his users. I am sure he is not just going to abandon users on a whim.

andrew cooke - Re: Archived  blueArrow
3/25/2001; 10:58:39 AM (reads: 948, responses: 0)
I didn't mean to imply that DW was personally going to dump us all - presumably this is running on a server owned by a company of some sort that could, if there were financial problems, disappear. I don't think banks care that much how nice or kind someone is...

Ehud Lamm - Re: Archived  blueArrow
3/25/2001; 12:34:07 PM (reads: 884, responses: 0)
I don't think banks care that much how nice or kind someone is...

You really think so?!