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Manuel Simoni - Lambda Calculus  blueArrow
11/27/2003; 9:02:07 AM (reads: 10678, responses: 3)
Lambda Calculus
Shows how to reduce a subset of Scheme to LC. If you know a little Lisp/Scheme, and ever wondered what (lambda (x) (x x)) might be good for, this is for you.

From Shiram Krishnamurti's lecture notes

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Manuel Simoni - Re: Lambda Calculus  blueArrow
11/27/2003; 9:12:34 AM (reads: 441, responses: 0)
Should be Shriram Krishnamurthi, sorry.

Andris Birkmanis - Re: Lambda Calculus  blueArrow
11/28/2003; 3:37:38 AM (reads: 312, responses: 1)
Is lazy evaluation covered in some other note? Or the note just assumes we started from the lazy Scheme in the first place?

Ehud Lamm - Re: Lambda Calculus  blueArrow
11/28/2003; 3:51:20 AM (reads: 316, responses: 0)
I haven't looked at these notes yet, but when I present a similar thing (Scheme -> LC) in my course, I repeatedly mention this fact, especially when I discuss normal order evaluation and again when I present applicative order evaluation.

I also conclude by mentioning that the substitution model breaks down in the presence of assignment.