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inactiveTopic Coding standards in C++
started 3/24/2001; 7:28:36 PM - last post 3/24/2001; 7:28:36 PM
Chris Rathman - Coding standards in C++  blueArrow
3/24/2001; 7:28:36 PM (reads: 998, responses: 0)
Coding standards in C++
While looking for some stuff in some older discussions, I ran across this thread. The discussion revolves around a number of standard coding suggestions that get thrown about for C++ code (such as naming conventions for classes, variables, types, inline functions, etc...). The general consensus was that most of these standards - like Hungarian notation - detract from OOP more than they add.

The only coding standards that I've seen that seem to be workable in a long term project revolve around enforcing library usage - rather than naming conventions. More along the lines of preventing duplication and violating the DRY principle rather than worrying about line by line standards.
Posted to OOP by Chris Rathman on 3/24/01; 7:32:11 PM