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inactiveTopic A Self-Study Course in Squeak
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Ehud Lamm - A Self-Study Course in Squeak  blueArrow
12/1/2003; 5:41:39 AM (reads: 10613, responses: 0)
A Self-Study Course in Squeak
You want to learn Squeak. You have downloaded and installed it. You've poked around the image. You've bought and read one of the many Smalltalk books. You've browsed the Swiki pages and printed off and read some of the tutorials. You lurk at the Yahoo Squeak Maillist Archive.

And yet you still don't feel like you know what it's all about. You'd like to start becoming a "contributing member" (been listening to too much PBS;) but aren't sure you could even comment on bugs. If you have an application in mind, you don't know where to start working on it. It all feels to overwelming. Maybe you'll try again after the new year....

The self-study Squeak tutorial, over on the Squeak Swiki, is for people in this situation.

It doesn't contain much yet, but it has the potential to evolve into a useful resource.

Some of you may want to follow the course, other may feel inclined to contribute.

Posted to OOP by Ehud Lamm on 12/1/03; 5:43:53 AM