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Ehud Lamm - Technology for e-business  blueArrow
3/25/2001; 12:45:08 PM (reads: 634, responses: 1)
Technology for e-business
IBM Systems Journal

Moslty discusses EJB and IBM supporting products. I found the papers on WebSphere, CICS and EJB, and EJB security, to be especially interesting.

I'd be interested to hear experience reports, as I haven't studied a significant EJB-based project. Some specific issues I am interested in are performance (and integration with transaction servers), deployment flexibility (moving between platforms), and distribution granularity.

(I read the discussions Chris linked to, but I am sure there's more useful information out there.)
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Ehud Lamm - Re: Technology for e-business  blueArrow
3/26/2001; 12:54:45 PM (reads: 630, responses: 0)
One more question. What's the state of the art in language-neutral components? I am talking real cross-platform computing here.

I know about the technologies (I think), but I am not sure how successful they are in real life.