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inactiveTopic Is Design Dead?
started 3/25/2001; 12:56:37 PM - last post 3/26/2001; 4:20:25 AM
Chris Rathman - Is Design Dead?  blueArrow
3/25/2001; 12:56:37 PM (reads: 392, responses: 1)
Is Design Dead?
Martin Fowler tries to reconcile the Planned Design of UML with the Evolutionary Design of XP. I can't say that he's successful in the attempt, but it is an interesting article. (Found via Software Developer Magazine which has an abridged version).

My own thought is that software projects vary significantly. XP will work for some types of projects, but it would be a mistake to assume that an iterative approach is the be-all solution for all software development. Indeed, I think software development goes through various phases - trying to apply a single methodology across the entire life of the project can be a handicap. What works in the early stages of a project is not necessarily what's called for in the latter stages.

In the early part of development, vision, creativity and brilliance are at a premium. In the latter stages, tenacity, methodicalness and meticulousness are much more valuable. Of course, communication is the one aspect that needs to be constant throughout.
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Ehud Lamm - Re: Is Design Dead?  blueArrow
3/26/2001; 4:20:25 AM (reads: 475, responses: 0)
Not to be nitpicking, but how does this relate to programming languages? Am I missing something?