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inactiveTopic Book opinions?
started 12/9/2003; 2:32:53 PM - last post 12/9/2003; 4:19:51 PM
Matt Hellige - Book opinions?  blueArrow
12/9/2003; 2:32:53 PM (reads: 197, responses: 3)
Anybody have thoughts on "Advanced Programming Language Design" by Raphael A. Finkel? I haven't even seen the book, and I can't find any reviews that I particularly trust...

It's quite expensive, so I doubt I'd ever buy it for myself (unless it's just a stellar book, which I rather doubt), but as 'tis, after all, the season, I'm trying to update the old Amazon wishlist...

Ehud Lamm - Re: Book opinions?  blueArrow
12/9/2003; 2:38:47 PM (reads: 193, responses: 1)
See here.

Matt Hellige - Re: Book opinions?  blueArrow
12/9/2003; 2:53:49 PM (reads: 197, responses: 0)
Ah I'm such a fool. Thanks.

Luke Gorrie - Re: Book opinions?  blueArrow
12/9/2003; 4:19:51 PM (reads: 194, responses: 0)
I picked up a nice book recently with an, um, similar title: Topics in Advanced Language Implementation (edited by Peter Lee, 1991). It's a pretty cool grab-bag.

I picked it up from bookfinder mostly to get the Design Considerations for CMU Common Lisp article. At first I was bummed out that CMUCL had changed so much since this was written. Fortunately though, the main changes were adding a generational garbage collector and writing a new compiler that does extensive type-recovery -- topics discussed by Andrew Appel and Olin Shivers in the same book.

An Experimental Implementation of Connection Machine Lisp is another part I looked forward to. It gives a glimpse of the CM instruction set, and some idea of why CMLisp turned out to be too hard to implement well.