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started 12/10/2003; 3:23:29 AM - last post 12/18/2003; 2:21:01 AM
Ehud Lamm - XML for End Users  blueArrow
12/10/2003; 3:23:29 AM (reads: 9351, responses: 5)
XML for End Users
I mentioned my intesrest in XML end-user programming in the past, so it should come as no surprise that I find this project worthy of attention.

Posted to xml by Ehud Lamm on 12/10/03; 3:26:17 AM

Ehud Lamm - Re: XML for End Users  blueArrow
12/15/2003; 8:18:11 AM (reads: 157, responses: 2)
Nobody has anything insightful to say about this? How sad...

Frank Atanassow - Re: XML for End Users  blueArrow
12/15/2003; 9:40:07 AM (reads: 162, responses: 1)
Thanks for this link.

Martin Erwig's paper, "Toward the Automatic Derivation of XML Transformations", discusses a technique similar to the one in my (draft) paper with Johan Jeuring, Type isomorphisms simply XML programming. We contacted Erwig and plan to exchange comments.

Ehud Lamm - Re: XML for End Users  blueArrow
12/15/2003; 11:06:24 AM (reads: 162, responses: 0)
It's an interesting subject. Keep us posted.

Mark Evans - Re: XML for End Users  blueArrow
12/17/2003; 10:19:56 PM (reads: 108, responses: 1)
Ehud, take an evaluation spin of XML Spy. It offers end-user graphical mechanisms to manipulate schemas and data files. Many rate it the most capable XML tool on the market. Not that it will solve your particular problem, but it showcases some design concepts that might do so.

Ehud Lamm - Re: XML for End Users  blueArrow
12/18/2003; 2:21:01 AM (reads: 111, responses: 0)
XML Spy was recommended to me a few times. I guess it's time I checked it...