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started 3/28/2001; 1:28:24 PM - last post 3/28/2001; 1:28:24 PM
Ehud Lamm - J2EEConnector Specification  blueArrow
3/28/2001; 1:28:24 PM (reads: 375, responses: 0)
J2EEConnector Specification
Proposed Final Draft

The J2EE Connector Architecture specifies a standard architecture for integrating Java applications with existing enterprise information systems

I am interested in EAI and integrating mainframe and open systems, so I'd have to learn more about this. I'd be happy to hear any comments, and suggestions.

The basic idea of encapsualting legacy software as components is not new. I had it quite a while ago, and I wasn't alone. What I thought about, back then, was encapsulating assembler programs so that they could be easily used from high-level OOP systems.

Things are much more interesting these days. Protocols such as XA allow for coexistence between highly different systems. It seems that with the addition of language inegration (like described here) many details can be hidden from the programmer, thus reducing complexity.

But I am sure things are way more complicated when you try to put the pieces together. Experiences?

Posted to Software-Eng by Ehud Lamm on 3/28/01; 1:29:12 PM