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Ehud Lamm - Labanotation  blueArrow
3/29/2001; 8:07:56 AM (reads: 713, responses: 0)
From time to time I like to think about language in general, and specifically about notations of various sorts.

Labanotation is a standartizied system for analysing and recording any human motion. Mainly it is used at theatres to archive ballets. It is not the only dance notation, but it is quite popular (or so it seems).

A notation for dance and music faces many of the same issues that are relevant for programming languages: dealing with time and sequence, coordinating different activities etc.

Notice that Labanotation (like music notes) is 2D, where as most programming languages are 1D.

More information (including the notation for Tango and Cha-Cha) can be found at the Dance Notation Bureau.
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