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started 12/19/2003; 3:56:50 PM - last post 12/23/2003; 1:50:35 PM
Ehud Lamm - PostScript control structures  blueArrow
12/19/2003; 3:56:50 PM (reads: 8943, responses: 4)
PostScript control structures
Ned Batchelder has a nice item on Postscript hacking.

The crucial insight is that since [the] control operators take their values from the stack, it really doesn't matter how the values got there. Usually, as in these examples, they'll have been pushed there just before the operator is called. But they could have been placed there any other way, and the operators will still work.

Related to our everlasting discussion on language extension, startified design and related issues.

More importantly, recall our recent discussion on reading code. It is a good idea to stretch your mind from time to time by playing with one of these esotric languages. Reading Postscript can be quite challenging.

But I guess I don't have to tell you guys about esotric languages. Preaching to the choir.

Posted to general by Ehud Lamm on 12/19/03; 3:59:11 PM

Chris Rathman - Re: PostScript control structures  blueArrow
12/22/2003; 8:59:29 AM (reads: 237, responses: 0)
I've been tinkering with PostScript for a while. A good link for PostScript can be found at PostScript and Ghostscript Resources. Lot's of online material to keep you busy for a good amount of time.

Unfortunately, everyone seems to want .PDF files these days - which is dumbed down version that has all the disadvantages of the obtuse data formating and none of the advantages of programmability.

Ed - Re: PostScript control structures  blueArrow
12/23/2003; 7:47:37 AM (reads: 200, responses: 0)
Many of Ned's observations about PostScript/Forth also hold true in Rebol, a functional-style language. Rebol Website

Rebol has been called a "de-parenthesized LISP", a name which describes its stack-based evaluation. The stack approach leads to Rebol having almost no syntax, no keywords and a high degree of reflection.

Kragen Sitaker - Re: PostScript control structures  blueArrow
12/23/2003; 1:47:47 PM (reads: 185, responses: 0)
PostScript is a pretty good way to produce PDF files or mark up sheets of paper. I wouldn't characterize PDF as having all of PostScript's disadvantages and none of its advantages. The page being pointed at is pretty shallow if you're a PostScript programmer --- no deep magic here.