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started 12/20/2003; 3:25:07 PM - last post 12/23/2003; 12:45:34 PM
Mark Evans - Sun MSFT Java C# CLR Big Picture  blueArrow
12/20/2003; 3:25:07 PM (reads: 215, responses: 3)

Isaac Gouy - Re: Sun MSFT Java C# CLR Big Picture  blueArrow
12/21/2003; 8:51:16 AM (reads: 187, responses: 0)
How to Misunderstand Sun's Linux Desktop Strategy seems to be pure advocacy, free of any technical content?

Dominic Fox - Re: Sun MSFT Java C# CLR Big Picture  blueArrow
12/22/2003; 2:08:22 AM (reads: 167, responses: 0)

Badly-informed (or deliberately misinformative) advocacy at that. I had a laugh at this:

C# has a disadvantage of letting programmers write error-prone code, with the potential to wreak havoc with a program's address space. You have to tag the code as "unsafe." One might consider such tags like a restaurant sign that says, "We failed a health inspection last month."

A library tagged with a sign that it might contain "unsafe" code doesn't instill much confidence in me. I do not want to write programs where I have to worry about memory management. I also like the many facilities available in Java. And I like "C" and Linux scripting languages.

So, let's just get this straight: the author thinks that having the facility to write unmanaged code that directly manipulates a program's address space is a bad thing (like failing a health inspection!), he doesn't want to write programs where he has to worry about memory management, but he likes "C"?!

(And what do Linux scripting languages have to do with this? And what exactly is a "Linux scripting language" anyway?)

Not at all clueful.

Mark Evans - Re: Sun MSFT Java C# CLR Big Picture  blueArrow
12/23/2003; 12:45:34 PM (reads: 120, responses: 0)
Calm down, Dominic. This isn't Slashdot. The article was linked from The Register and I figured might interest LtU readers as to various market forces at work.