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inactiveTopic Data Structure + Algorithm Survey (Caml)
started 12/24/2003; 1:54:38 PM - last post 12/24/2003; 1:54:38 PM
andrew cooke - Data Structure + Algorithm Survey (Caml)  blueArrow
12/24/2003; 1:54:38 PM (reads: 7147, responses: 0)
Data Structure + Algorithm Survey (Caml)
Diego Olivier Fernandez Pons (I believe) has reviewed some (mainly) Caml code to see what data structures and algorithms are in use. There's some background here.

I wonder what the bias is (towards what is already available in the languages)? Anyway, it seems like an interesting approach - obvious, really, but I don't know of any other similar work. I guess it must happen.
Posted to Software-Eng by andrew cooke on 12/24/03; 1:55:01 PM