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inactiveTopic Curl goes to 1.0 Release
started 3/30/2001; 3:35:41 AM - last post 3/30/2001; 3:35:41 AM
Pam - Curl goes to 1.0 Release  blueArrow
3/30/2001; 3:35:41 AM (reads: 584, responses: 0)
(Disclaimer: I work for Curl as Dir. Product Management)

Since there's been some discussion here in the past about Curl, thought I'd post the announcement that we released the 1.0 version yesterday. The IDE remains in Beta -- we're still working on the tools, though the language and rest of our technology is out.

There's new information on the site, including -- if you want to just check out the language without downloading the IDE, we've posted the Technical Documentation as PDFs. You miss the interactive playpens in the PDF versions of the docs. (you need the IDE for that) but lets you see what we're up to.

We're pretty proud of Release 1, so let us know what you think!

Pam Hoodes Dir. Product Management Curl Corp.