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inactiveTopic Hierarchy of Needs (adapted to Design)
started 12/29/2003; 5:23:07 PM - last post 12/29/2003; 5:23:07 PM
Isaac Gouy - Hierarchy of Needs (adapted to Design)  blueArrow
12/29/2003; 5:23:07 PM (reads: 112, responses: 0)
Sometimes feels like new language designers concentrate on creativity & proficiency at the expense of usability & reliability (and maybe that's necessary to get a language noticed, although not sufficient to make the language useful).

"The hierarchy of needs principle specifies that a design must serve the low-level needs before the higher-level needs, such as creativity, can begin to be addressed.

  • 5. Functionality needs have to do with meeting the most basic design requirements.
  • 4. Reliability needs have to do with establishing stable and consistent performance.
  • 3. Usability needs have to do with how easy and forgiving a design is to use.
  • 2. Proficiency needs have to do with empowering people to do things better than they could previously.
  • 1. Creativity is the level in the hierarchy where all needs have been satisfied, and people begin interacting with the design in innovative ways."

Universal Principles of Design p106