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Patrick Logan - Lython  blueArrow
12/29/2003; 10:29:25 PM (reads: 11353, responses: 2)
Miles Egan's lython puts a lisp-like sexpr syntax on top of python:
(def foo (a)
     (print "one")
     (print "two")
     (* a 5))
It generates python bytecode, and even includes macros.

(From lemonodor)
Posted to Python by Patrick Logan on 12/29/03; 10:29:50 PM

Patrick Logan - Re: Lython  blueArrow
12/29/2003; 10:47:05 PM (reads: 608, responses: 0)

"This is a very early proof of concept release and is in no way ready for real production use."

This is also *not* an implementation of Lisp, per se, just the syntax. The semantics and limitations of Python are still present. Perhaps it will influence Python more toward the functional aspects that are already present. Perhaps it will become more of a real Lisp in Python.

Ehud Lamm - Re: Lython  blueArrow
1/3/2004; 4:07:45 AM (reads: 236, responses: 0)
One possible use of something like this is to help write programs that manipulate programs. A round-trip translator, would allow you to code your transformation using the tools found in Scheme/Lisp, and then go back to the original language.

P1 => L-to-Sexper-engine => transform => Sexper-to-L-engine => P2