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inactiveTopic Polyglot: extensible compiler framework
started 12/31/2003; 5:18:23 AM - last post 12/31/2003; 5:18:23 AM
Ehud Lamm - Polyglot: extensible compiler framework  blueArrow
12/31/2003; 5:18:23 AM (reads: 9655, responses: 0)
Polyglot: extensible compiler framework
Polyglot is a Java class library that is easily extended through inheritance to create a compiler for a language that is a modification to Java. Language extensions can be implemented without duplicating code from the framework itself. Polyglot is useful for implementing domain-specific languages, for exploring language design ideas, and for simplifying Java for pedagogical purposes. The framework has been used to implement both major and minor modifications to Java. Experience implementing several languages in this framework suggests that the cost of implementing language extensions scales well with the degree to which the language extends Java.

This is the fifth release of Polyglot, incorporating many bug fixes and extensions based on user feedback and testing. It is released under LGPL, which is relatively permissive. Polyglot is currently being developed and maintained by Nate Nystrom and Stephen Chong.

JMatch which is based on Polyglot was mentioned here in the past. I thought it quite nice.

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