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inactiveTopic Continuations: Haystack and Python
started 1/4/2004; 4:16:27 PM - last post 1/7/2004; 4:51:55 AM
Patrick Logan - Continuations: Haystack and Python  blueArrow
1/4/2004; 4:16:27 PM (reads: 9086, responses: 1)
Continuations: Haystack and Python
From the Chandler email list...

In September, Hamish Harvey described some of the neat things about Haystack, including UI continuations. (Harvey's message was posted Fri, 26 Sep 2003; there's an article describing Haystack's continuations at

I just wanted to add a reference to a tutorial article on continuations using Python: "Continuations Made Simple and Illustrated" by Denys Duchier at
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Ron Welch - Re: Continuations: Haystack and Python  blueArrow
1/7/2004; 4:51:55 AM (reads: 161, responses: 0)
In part 3 of Bill Venner's interview with Ruby creator Yukihiro Matsumoto at the subject of discussion is blocks and closure. When Bill asks Matz about the practical uses of closures, Matz doesn't really come up with a very good example and ends up eventually saying that the major reason Ruby has them is "to respect the history of Lisp". In my mind, these two articles do a better job of answering the question than Matz did.