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started 1/9/2004; 11:40:51 PM - last post 1/9/2004; 11:40:51 PM
Erik Meijer - Thoughts From The Head  blueArrow
1/9/2004; 11:40:51 PM (reads: 11241, responses: 0)
Thoughts From The Head
I am honored to be a guest blogger on the one and only true programming languages website (great job Ehud!)

As you might have noticed, my old site has been silent for a while as I decided not to join the transition of the Microsoft bloggers from blogs.gotdotnet to and

Tomorrow morning I am heading off to Venice to attend POPL and it's affiliated workshops and I intend to keep you posted on the highlights of that event. Once I am back, I'll resume the stream of "Thoughts From The Head".
Posted to Guest Bloggers by Erik Meijer on 1/9/04; 11:43:38 PM