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started 1/11/2004; 2:38:56 PM - last post 1/12/2004; 6:06:01 AM
Ehud Lamm - FxCop & DSLs  blueArrow
1/11/2004; 2:38:56 PM (reads: 13812, responses: 2)
FxCop & DSLs
FxCop is a useful product, so it's nice to be able to link the new FxCop blog.

Moreover, a recent post provides a nice example of the tradeoffs related to using a DSL vs. opting for a more traditional design approach.

FxCop supports writing custom rules. Custom Rules can be written by writing a class in any.NET language. This class has to implement one of the interfaces FxCop provides via its SDK. After compiling the class into an assembly, FxCop can load the custom rule by pointing it to that assembly...

FxCop doesn't really support editing the default rules right now.

Extensibility was an obvious design goal. Deciding to support extensions by providing hooks for user supplied code (what old timers called user exits, and others call frameworks etc.) is a standard (and often useful) design technique.

The price you pay, however, is that the user supplied code is less tightly integrated with your product, and it is harder to support things like editing, tracing etc.

An obvious solution is, of course, to supply a standard rule class, that invokes or implements an interpreter for a rules DSL. Then you can have all the advantages of a DSL, when you need them.

All these are common tricks. I am constantly surprised that only few programmers really master them.

Note: I am not trying to say that the FxCop guys don't know about all this. I just used their new weblog as an excuse to write about this issue...

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Dimitri Timofeev - Re: FxCop & DSLs  blueArrow
1/12/2004; 5:31:05 AM (reads: 226, responses: 1)
Could you point out to a systematic introduction to DSL? It seems diffucult to me to find a frontier between a DSL and a general purpose language (except, maybe, the DSL's ability to be built into some host language), so i don't know where should i really use a DSL.

I've just found an archive of DSL publications, including Domain-Specific Languages: An Annotated Bibliography by van Deursen, Klint & Visser (i found it interesting as an introduction). Maybe all this reading will enlighten me :).

Ehud Lamm - Re: FxCop & DSLs  blueArrow
1/12/2004; 6:06:01 AM (reads: 237, responses: 0)
My favorite is Jon Bentley's "Little Languages" column (available in the coolection More Programming Pearls). Alas, I don't think it is online, outside the ACM Digital Library.

Many relevant links can be found in our DSL department (click the link!)