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inactiveTopic Brian Harvey books available online
started 1/15/2004; 1:54:31 PM - last post 1/15/2004; 1:54:31 PM
Matt Hellige - Brian Harvey books available online  blueArrow
1/15/2004; 1:54:31 PM (reads: 175, responses: 0)
Brian Harvey has made his classic set of three books, "Computer Science Logo Style", available online.

The web page says:

Now FREE for personal use: The second edition of Computer Science Logo Style, a three-volume series intended mainly for teenagers and their teachers, or for adults who aren't professional programmers. You can look at the tables of contents and complete downloadable PDFs and browsable HTML versions of

  • Symbolic Computing, a Logo programming text that concentrates on natural language processing rather than the graphics most people associate with Logo.
  • Advanced Techniques, in which discussions of more advanced Logo features alternate with sample projects using those features, with commentary on the structure and style of each.
  • Beyond Programming, brief introductions to six college-level computer science topics.

Note: These books are still in copyright, and in print. They are posted here for your personal use, not for resale or redistribution. Thanks!

I recall people were just recently talking about tracking these down...