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Isaac Gouy - Klaus Wirth & Typeless Euler  blueArrow
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Typeless programming language? Wirth? Had a sinister twin emerged from the shadows?


Historical Note --
Klaus Wirth spent a year at PARC learning the Alto. The Lilith was his version of the Alto and other PARC microcoded bytecoded machines. Modula was his version of Mesa. The PARC CSL later returned the favor after they'd moved on to DEC SRC, by creating Modula 3 and making a very nice multiple processor machine called the Firefly.

Deep Historical Note --
Much earlier in the 60s Klaus did his best work with a typeless VHLL -- Euler, ca 1965-6 -- that was an extreme generalization of Algol (based on work by van Wijngaarten). This language had a bytecode interpreter based on the orginal bytecode interpreter: yes, the HW of the 1961 Burroughs B5000 designed by Bob Barton. (These are very old ideas folks.) In 1967 I did to Euler what Simula did to Algol to get the first Flex language, which was also run by a microcoded bytecode interpreter (the first OOP one).


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