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inactiveTopic Book on game scripting interpreters
started 1/17/2004; 11:33:52 PM - last post 1/21/2004; 7:06:07 AM
Darius Bacon - Book on game scripting interpreters  blueArrow
1/17/2004; 11:33:52 PM (reads: 175, responses: 1)
Game Scripting Mastery

I glanced through this in the store, and while it doesn't appear to have anything new for us high-class experts here, there are few enough books on the nuts and bolts of a practical embedded interpreter in C/C++ that it looks worth noting.

Pretty bizarre if game developers often need to build this sort of thing from scratch, though -- wouldn't that only make sense if they have special requirements plus someone on the team who already knows this stuff down cold?

James Hague - Re: Book on game scripting interpreters  blueArrow
1/21/2004; 7:06:07 AM (reads: 98, responses: 0)
More and more Lua is becoming the language to use as the embedded scripting language for games. But there's significant benefit to be had from a language that's more declarative, much more closely tied to a specific game.

"Not Invented Here" is also a big issue, if only because it's much easier to tweak something you wrote and understand, instead of hitting a wall late in a project and then having to figure out and tweak the internal architecture of Lua or Python or whatever.