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inactiveTopic Macros for C++?
started 1/18/2004; 4:17:01 PM - last post 1/18/2004; 10:07:15 PM
Jim Apple - Macros for C++?  blueArrow
1/18/2004; 4:17:01 PM (reads: 181, responses: 1)
Daveed Vandevoorde has begun writing an extension to his C++ frontend to write "metacode," or compile time code execution/injection. See

Christophe de Dinechin - Re: Macros for C++?  blueArrow
1/18/2004; 10:07:15 PM (reads: 145, responses: 0)
I've worked a lot with Vandevoorde. He's a very bright guy, and the most likely to succeed integrating this kind of stuff into a C++ context. Being one of the 3 EDG gurus, he has access to the most advanced C++ compiler today.

See also for a discussion of other ideas he's likely to try in the long run, like compiler plug-ins or active libraries (the latter being his invention, even if the Mozart web page is, I believe, the only place on the web where it's discussed).

Cons: it's not an open-source activity, and it's based on C++, which in my opinion limits the chances of success and increases complexity by a few hundreds orders of magnitude. Thanks to a new approach to parsing, the new XL compiler on has only 7 node types in the parse tree. I don't see this happening in his approach any time soon.

Finally, please avoid calling that "macro" in a C++ context, since there "macro" means something else ;-)