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started 1/19/2004; 4:34:20 AM - last post 1/19/2004; 2:41:09 PM
M.J. Stahl - Reflection-Oriented Programming  blueArrow
1/19/2004; 4:34:20 AM (reads: 237, responses: 3)
I found this paper after doing a search on 'reflection' and 'programming languages'. Of course many links were fostering Java's Reflection API but I was looking for a general overview of Reflection or one that focused on a project that delt specifically with C.

This article provides a short overview of Reflection, and also provides some ideas for reflection-oriented programming as a paradigm. One of the things that peeked my interest was the focus on compiled languages, where the source code was no longer available.

Paper can be viewed via a browser at:

Ehud Lamm - Re: Reflection-Oriented Programming  blueArrow
1/19/2004; 7:35:07 AM (reads: 232, responses: 0)
I thought we mentioned it be fore, but I can't find it now. It is a nice paper.

M.J. Stahl - Re: Reflection-Oriented Programming  blueArrow
1/19/2004; 2:12:15 PM (reads: 186, responses: 1)
My apologies if I posted a duplicate. I couldn't find the paper in my search on lambda so, in turn, I posted. This is my first post to lambda and thank you and the rest of the editors for providing a very educational place.

Ehud Lamm - Re: Reflection-Oriented Programming  blueArrow
1/19/2004; 2:41:09 PM (reads: 190, responses: 0)
I meant to say that it seems I failed to mention it in the past. So it's great you did.

And anyway, it's quite alright to go rediscover older papers. I do it all the time..