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started 4/3/2001; 12:19:15 AM - last post 4/3/2001; 4:13:13 AM
andrew cooke - Hits + Speed  blueArrow
4/3/2001; 12:19:15 AM (reads: 346, responses: 2)
Is anyone else having a hard time accessing Lambda (I suspect it might be my connection, but other sites seem OK)? Posting that last item I had a connection time-out 3 times.

Also, what happened to our hit rate? We were way up the list, but now don't appear at all!

andrew cooke - Re: Hits + Speed  blueArrow
4/3/2001; 3:41:44 AM (reads: 371, responses: 0)
Scratch that - we're back. I think there must have been a problem (I tried going to to report this, but that wasn't up either).

Ehud Lamm - Re: Hits + Speed  blueArrow
4/3/2001; 4:13:13 AM (reads: 408, responses: 0)
I pretty sure there was a problem on most read logs page, since a quick look at the referers log and hourly hits showed we are getting the regular amount of traffic (in fact a little more).