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inactiveTopic Larry Wall on Perl6
started 4/3/2001; 11:58:38 PM - last post 4/4/2001; 12:41:34 PM
andrew cooke - Larry Wall on Perl6  blueArrow
4/3/2001; 11:58:38 PM (reads: 584, responses: 2)
Larry Wall on Perl6
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Ehud Lamm - Re: Larry Wall on Perl6  blueArrow
4/4/2001; 11:44:18 AM (reads: 609, responses: 1)
This sheds some more light on the issues of language evolution and sociology we dicussed here in the past.

andrew cooke - Re: Larry Wall on Perl6  blueArrow
4/4/2001; 12:41:34 PM (reads: 667, responses: 0)
It also sounds very ambitious - optional static typing (if I understand correctly) and different syntaxes, for example. I wonder how long it will take (if it will ever happen, even).