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inactiveTopic Graphite DSL for Advanced Typography
started 1/30/2004; 3:21:26 PM - last post 2/10/2004; 6:21:04 PM
Mark Evans - Graphite DSL for Advanced Typography  blueArrow
1/30/2004; 3:21:26 PM (reads: 12058, responses: 1)
Graphite DSL for Advanced Typography

The open-source Graphite DSL is a rule-based language to express typographical layout requirements of so-called minority languages. Graphite was developed for non-programming ethnography field workers like Aikhenvald. Of course, not only minority languages have such needs. See the Graphite examples for some instances. Normal fonts do not encode this sort of intelligence.

Ehud, by remarkable coincidence I was composing this post just as you posted Aikhenvald. Great minds think alike? Jupiter conjoined Saturn beneath a full moon? This is getting scary...

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Mark Evans - Re: Graphite DSL for Advanced Typography  blueArrow
2/10/2004; 6:21:04 PM (reads: 50, responses: 0)

A sidebar: the Open Office people are helping the SIL people to incorporate Graphite.