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inactiveTopic New surveys!!
started 7/30/2000; 1:50:21 PM - last post 7/30/2000; 1:50:21 PM
Ehud Lamm - New surveys!!  blueArrow
7/30/2000; 1:50:21 PM (reads: 300, responses: 0)
New surveys!!
Seeing that the previous surveys got some attention, and that we are still in the "getting the feel of it" phase, I've added two new sureveys:
  1. Do you prefer small languages, or large ones?
  2. Do you think small languages should be preferred for teaching purposes?

As Andrew observed, you must "register" in order to vote. This is very simple to do (though it uses a cookie). One bonus is that people can change their votes, but to vote multiple times they need to register more than once.
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