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inactiveTopic Defining predicate
started 4/8/2001; 10:27:58 PM - last post 4/9/2001; 11:09:08 PM
Lai - Defining predicate  blueArrow
4/8/2001; 10:27:58 PM (reads: 590, responses: 2)
I'm new in prolog programming and i would like to get some help from you guys and gals.

I would like to know how to define the following predicate...

negave(L,X), that first eliminates all positive numbers from the list L and then finds the average of the remaining nagative numbers.

Hope i will get some response soon.

Ehud Lamm - Re: Defining predicate  blueArrow
4/9/2001; 2:33:51 PM (reads: 650, responses: 0)
This site is about programming languages in general, and not a help site about programming in any specific language. A much better place for your question would be comp.lang.prolog

Lai - Re: Defining predicate  blueArrow
4/9/2001; 11:09:08 PM (reads: 647, responses: 0)
How can i post my question in the site?