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inactiveTopic PLT Spy - Python in Scheme
started 2/7/2004; 2:46:32 PM - last post 2/10/2004; 4:33:18 AM
Mark Evans - PLT Spy - Python in Scheme  blueArrow
2/7/2004; 2:46:32 PM (reads: 8353, responses: 3)
PLT Spy - Python in Scheme

The Spy project is a Python-in-Scheme implementation. The target language is PLT Scheme, which includes the DrScheme programming environment.

Posted to Python by Mark Evans on 2/7/04; 11:54:06 PM

Geoffrey S. Knauth - Re: PLT Spy - Python in Scheme  blueArrow
2/9/2004; 3:08:38 AM (reads: 346, responses: 0)
When I first saw this at the 2003 Scheme Workshop, I was really impressed PLT could do this. Now, would I really want to code Python this way? Does it just help me design and refactor certain bits of Python code, or would I ever build a real system with it? How is performance? Is this is proof of concept project (very cool BTW), or will Pythonistas choose to use PLT sometimes?

Mark Evans - Re: PLT Spy - Python in Scheme  blueArrow
2/9/2004; 4:20:07 PM (reads: 224, responses: 0)

I've no idea but here's Scheme in OCaml....

Noel Welsh - Re: PLT Spy - Python in Scheme  blueArrow
2/10/2004; 4:33:18 AM (reads: 194, responses: 0)
At the moment performance isn't very impressive -- slower than CPython. Lacking the Python libraries this isn't a very attractive platform for developers. However the PLT people are adding the CPython FFI to PLT Scheme, so it should be possible to use all the CPython libraries in Spy. With this in place DrScheme may become an attractive development platform for Python users, with final deployment under CPython. I believe the speed issues are also being tackled but that will take a bit longer to resolve.