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Andris Birkmanis - Collaborations+CrosscuttingConcerns  blueArrow
2/11/2004; 12:53:53 AM (reads: 93, responses: 0)
An intriguing critique of MVC implementations in the abstract made me read the paper: Model-View-Controller and Object Teams

In contrast to its untyped implementation in Smalltalk, any implementation in a statically typed language involves certain trade-offs which either blur the clear structure, destroy the intended independence, or introduce undue administrative overhead. Each alternative creates a different caricature of the originally crisp architecture. is (to me) yet another marriage of collaborations and AOP. My limited knowledge of this domain precludes me from educated judgement, but it looks that this particular approach suffers from premature declarativeness (duck). In many cases this limits interesting relationships to 1-to-1 cases, instead of allowing to use host language expressions for complex mappings.

I believe some LtU readers have their interesting opinions on the topic (I've read their papers :-) ).