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started 4/12/2001; 6:39:32 AM - last post 4/12/2001; 6:39:32 AM
Ehud Lamm - Java Design Flaws  blueArrow
4/12/2001; 6:39:32 AM (reads: 1090, responses: 0)
Java Design Flaws
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This page describes design flaws in java. In a manner more constructive than a LanguagePissingMatch, we ponder how the language could be made better at reasonable conceptual or implementation cost, and hopefully glean applicable insights along the way.

Contains a list of flaws, and you can express your opinion by voting (you can also add to the page, of course).

But be warned: A link to this page was posted on by Thomas Holenstein <thomas @>. Given the number of anti-Java bigots that hang out there, I don't expect any reasoned debate or unbiased voting to ensue.

Posted to critiques by Ehud Lamm on 4/12/01; 6:40:14 AM