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Scripting: Higher Level Programming
Seeing as I mentioned scripting, I thought I'd link this paper in. I think it wasn't mentioed here before.

This classic paper by Ousterhout (of TCL fame) is from 1998. He concludes:

  • I hope that programmers will consider the differences between scripting and system programming when starting new projects and choose the most powerful tool for each task.

  • I hope that designers of component frameworks will recognize the importance of scripting and ensure that their frameworks include not just facilities for creating components but also facilities for gluing them together.

  • I hope that the programming language research community will shift some of its attention to scripting languages and help develop even more powerful scripting languages for the future. Raising the level of programming should be the single most important goal for language designers, since it has the greatest effect on programmer productivity; it is not clear that strong typing contributes to this goal.

Seems to me that many of these hopes materialized.

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4/16/2001; 11:39:47 AM (reads: 710, responses: 0)
Notice that there is some more stuff on Ousterhout's home page. you may also want to check the Tcl page.