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started 4/17/2001; 9:52:05 AM - last post 4/20/2001; 10:59:11 AM
andrew cooke - Slashdot: Python + Ruby  blueArrow
4/17/2001; 9:52:05 AM (reads: 2718, responses: 5)
Slashdot: Python + Ruby
To celebrate the release of Python 2.1 (nested scopes! hurrah!) they're collecting questions for Guido (van Rossum - the Python head honcho).

Also, on the same site, a review of Programming Ruby.

Apologies if you've already seen these, but maybe not everyone reads /.
Posted to Python by andrew cooke on 4/17/01; 9:52:44 AM

Ehud Lamm - Re: Slashdot: Python + Ruby  blueArrow
4/17/2001; 12:12:42 PM (reads: 1258, responses: 0)
maybe not everyone reads /.

Yep. I for one prefer to use site like LtU as a filter.

andrew cooke - Re: Slashdot: Python + Ruby  blueArrow
4/18/2001; 8:14:52 AM (reads: 1255, responses: 0)
Seems to be a language fest across there at the moment - now there's an article on a Smalltalk conference.

Ehud Lamm - Re: Slashdot: Python + Ruby  blueArrow
4/20/2001; 7:21:31 AM (reads: 1291, responses: 1)
The Smalltalk trip report linked from the /. article is makes for pretty interesting reading. Consider this quote (which also appears on the Python Daily-URL

We had the Python guy come talk at a conference and he gave us the same talk that Adele Goldberg gave years ago as something new. We were saddened. But what we have done is created a Smalltalk black hole were no ideas or light gets out. The Python guys rediscover our work and they become front page news.

andrew cooke - Re: Slashdot: Python + Ruby  blueArrow
4/20/2001; 10:56:53 AM (reads: 1328, responses: 0)
The proceedings.

andrew cooke - Re: Slashdot: Python + Ruby  blueArrow
4/20/2001; 10:59:11 AM (reads: 1221, responses: 0)
And the final interview with Guido.