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Ehud Lamm - A practical lambda-calculator  blueArrow
4/18/2001; 3:59:07 AM (reads: 1762, responses: 1)
A practical lambda-calculator
This calculator implements a normal-order evaluator for the untyped lambda-calculus with shortcuts. Shortcuts are distinguished constants that represent terms. An association between a shortcut symbol and a term must be declared before any term that contains the shortcut could be evaluated. The declaration of a shortcut does not cause the corresponding term to be evaluated. Therefore shortcut's term may contain other shortcuts -- or even yet to be defined ones. Shortcuts make programming in lambda-calculus remarkably more convenient.

Besides palying a bit with the LC, I suggest downloading and reading the code. Well commented, with quite useful comments if you are learning the lambda calculus.

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Ehud Lamm - Re: A practical lambda-calculator  blueArrow
4/19/2001; 5:43:04 AM (reads: 1052, responses: 0)
I'd love to know how hard should it be to get this to work under DrScheme.