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inactiveTopic J is free again (as in beer)
started 3/10/2004; 6:36:26 AM - last post 3/10/2004; 4:22:38 PM
James Hague - J is free again (as in beer)  blueArrow
3/10/2004; 6:36:26 AM (reads: 169, responses: 1)
JSoftware's wonderful J programming language flips back and forth between being free and having some kind of fee associated with it. The latest version 5.03 has reverted back to a price of $0, though you need to request a (free) license key via email. This is one of the great programming languages, being directly from the mind of Ken "APL" Iverson. (JSoftware is essentially Ken + Roger Hui + Ken's family). If you've never programmed in anything APL-like, prepare for a mind-warping experience. It runs under Windows, Linux, and OS X.

For anyone interested, here's how the "How much does J cost?" issue has gone since about 2000 or so, chronologically:

1. A one-time flat fee to use J: ~$250 for an individiual license, ~$600 for a commercial one. A number of features were suppressed until you bought a license.

2. Free, plus no more suppressed features. I think you could still buy a license if you wanted, but this wasn't required.

3. Annual license fee: $100 for individuals, ~$600 for commercial use. Free evaluation licenses.

4. Free license key, requested via email.

Chris Rathman - Re: J is free again (as in beer)  blueArrow
3/10/2004; 4:22:38 PM (reads: 147, responses: 0)
A while back I started studying J and putting together a APL to J Symbol map. Unfortunately, my J trial expired before I got too far - and my knowledge of APL is smaller than that.

I'm glad they decided to let us tinkerers back on the playground.