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started 3/11/2004; 2:32:50 AM - last post 3/17/2004; 7:43:09 AM
Ehud Lamm - Site Availability  blueArrow
3/11/2004; 2:32:50 AM (reads: 16573, responses: 16)
Site Availability
The last two days were terrible: LtU was almost totally inaccessible.

I hope that the server is ok now.

Posted to admin by Ehud Lamm on 3/11/04; 2:34:17 AM

Keith Devens - Re: Site Availability  blueArrow
3/11/2004; 2:43:22 AM (reads: 603, responses: 3)
I haven't noticed it recently, but it was really bad the other week when the site seemed to be inaccessible for the better part of a week.

Ehud Lamm - Re: Site Availability  blueArrow
3/11/2004; 3:18:17 AM (reads: 614, responses: 2)
I am thinking about relocating lambda. The two main issues are preserving and relocating the archives, and paying for hosting. Perhaps Google Ads can help with the latter. I am still not sure about a good way to deal with the archives issue.

andrew cooke - Re: Site Availability  blueArrow
3/11/2004; 5:06:36 AM (reads: 609, responses: 1)
i have a good provider who does things at a reasonable price. this is the kind of site he might be interested in hosting, but i don't know what software he has available (i'm sure he won't have manilla).

maybe someone needs to start harvesting past posts? i know userland are pretty touchy about automatic connections, so it would have to be done slowly. or maybe we can use the google cache?

(i would have emailed you, but have no personal email at the moment).

Ehud Lamm - Re: Site Availability  blueArrow
3/11/2004; 5:15:45 AM (reads: 619, responses: 0)
If/when we migrate I guess we will have to move to something like Moveable Type.

Avdi - Re: Site Availability  blueArrow
3/11/2004; 7:27:51 AM (reads: 565, responses: 0)
I have nothing against Movable Type, and ran a weblog with it for awhile; but I've heard from friends who have run it for a long time that it scales rather badly - the more entries there are, the longer it takes to make a new entry. Maybe soemthing like Slash, Scoop, PHPNuke, Drupal, or one of the other community-oriented systems would be more appropriate?

xeo_at_thermopylae - Re: Site Availability  blueArrow
3/13/2004; 10:07:12 PM (reads: 386, responses: 0)
You might move to any provider who uses *BSD or Linux?-))

Chris Rathman - Re: Site Availability  blueArrow
3/15/2004; 12:53:07 PM (reads: 341, responses: 2)
Between yesterday and today, I harvested all the known threads (i.e. all the ones that show on my archive index as of this morning). The messages don't preserve the sub-sub-threading, but does have all the responses for any given thread.

BTW, I did read somewhere that frontier has a backup facility that can be used by the admin to move the database to another server.

Ehud Lamm - Re: Site Availability  blueArrow
3/15/2004; 1:46:06 PM (reads: 346, responses: 1)
Great. I still hope the situation improves giving us more time to plan. But I am beginning to feel we have to think of contingnecy plans.

Keep in ind I have a (dormant) blog site at, if LtU becomes terminally inaccesible and there's no other way to announce a new location, I may post a message on gulliver instead.

How do people feel about Google Ads to help with hosting costs? Any other ideas?

Josh Dybnis - Re: Site Availability  blueArrow
3/15/2004; 2:08:00 PM (reads: 354, responses: 0)
How do people feel about Google Ads to help with hosting costs?

If nothing else, it would be interesting to see which ads google serves up here.

Chris Rathman - Re: Site Availability  blueArrow
3/15/2004; 7:33:33 PM (reads: 318, responses: 1)
Not sure if this helps, but I did set aside the archives on my website. The my archive pages have been updated and still point to LtU for each of the individual topics:

Sorted by Date
Sorted by Topic

Along with these, I've set up the same indexes to point to a local copy of the archives:

Sorted by Date - local archive
Sorted by Topic - local archive

In addition, for those who expressed an interest, here's a zip file of the archives.

Hopefully the server will right itself. In the meantime, these links should provide plenty of fodder. As with the indexes, I'll try to update these links every month or two.

Ehud Lamm - Re: Site Availability  blueArrow
3/15/2004; 11:44:54 PM (reads: 319, responses: 0)
Thanks, Chris!

Mark Evans - Re: Site Availability  blueArrow
3/16/2004; 11:33:14 AM (reads: 270, responses: 1)
Ehud it would surprise me if there weren't a CS department somewhere very happy to host LtU. It is after all an educational resource.

Ehud Lamm - Re: Site Availability  blueArrow
3/17/2004; 2:42:17 AM (reads: 269, responses: 0)
It's not simple (at least not in my case). But I will be glad to hear from anyone who can arrange such a deal.

Ehud Lamm - Re: Site Availability  blueArrow
3/17/2004; 2:43:32 AM (reads: 257, responses: 0)
A simple solution is to move to commerical Manila hosting. For example Opinions?

Chris Rathman - Re: Site Availability  blueArrow
3/17/2004; 7:29:13 AM (reads: 251, responses: 1)
Not sure which of the options you're looking at, but it seems a bit on the pricey side. The $19/mo package would be reasonable, but it only serves up 27,000 pages/mo - which I think LtU easily exceeds at the moment. Couldn't tell if any of the other packages would do the job other than the $99 month.

Just wondering whether manilla - the software package - is freeware? That is, if you can find a willing host, do you still have to pay for a manilla licese? If bandwidth is the only thing we need to purchase, then surely we can find a willing hostess. Personally, I wouldn't mind kicking in a few bucks a month into a kitty to support my PL addiction.

Ehud Lamm - Re: Site Availability  blueArrow
3/17/2004; 7:43:09 AM (reads: 265, responses: 0)
Manila costs money...

They way it looks at the moment, when we migrate we'll have to switch our blogging software. I am not sure how other tools support our way of doing things (e.g., a discussion group with some items not directly linked to the blog items).