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inactiveTopic Quickies (GHC/OO-FP/Generative P)
started 4/19/2001; 12:12:09 AM - last post 4/19/2001; 12:12:09 AM
andrew cooke - Quickies (GHC/OO-FP/Generative P)  blueArrow
4/19/2001; 12:12:09 AM (reads: 337, responses: 0)
Quickies (GHC/OO-FP/Generative P)

  • Version 5.0 of the glorious Glasgow Haskell Compiler (their adjective, not mine) is out. It includes an interactive mode (like Hugs).

  • This thread is an interesting discussion on the balance between (union of?) OO and FP.

  • Has anyone read this book (Generative Programming - Methods, Tools, and Applications)? Looks interesting - but how much is simple ideas in other languages that get complicated in C++?

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