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inactiveTopic Game Theory and Constratint Programming
started 3/22/2004; 10:19:36 AM - last post 3/22/2004; 10:19:36 AM
andrew cooke - Game Theory and Constratint Programming  blueArrow
3/22/2004; 10:19:36 AM (reads: 153, responses: 0)
For some (self-assigned) homework I need to write some code to solve problems in game theory. At the moment it's pretty simple - eliminating dominated strategies from the normal form.

I'm wondering if constraint programming would help with this? I never got that far in the Oz book, I'm afraid. Should I be looking at something like Oz (or Mercury?)? Has anyone worked with game theory related code and have any experience about the most suitable way to approach these things? Obviously I can use almost anything, but I'm wondering whether it makes sense now to put the effort into understanding constraint programming....