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started 3/24/2004; 2:53:50 AM - last post 3/24/2004; 7:58:50 AM
Ehud Lamm - PyCon Papers  blueArrow
3/24/2004; 2:53:50 AM (reads: 4229, responses: 1)
PyCon Papers
Many PyCon papers and presentations are now online.

I will try to post about specific presentations later, and the other editors are invited to post about their favorites.

Posted to Python by Ehud Lamm on 3/24/04; 2:55:18 AM

Mark Evans - Re: PyCon Papers  blueArrow
3/24/2004; 7:58:50 AM (reads: 177, responses: 0)

I'd like to find the keynote speeches. The only one I found was Bruce Eckel's "How to Argue about Typing" about which no comment.

A better read is the PDF Starkiller paper on static type inference.