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Ehud Lamm - XC#  blueArrow
3/25/2004; 1:17:56 PM (reads: 6937, responses: 1)
XC# uses C#'s properties to add metadata to C# code that is later used to modify the assembly (e.g, adding preconditions), influence Visual Studio etc.

XC# support any arbitrary compilation attribute. Compilation attributes perform a certain task at compilation time. They can inspect the code and look for errors, or they can influence the way the compiler works by adding or removing statements, renaming classes and members or canceling custom attribute generation.

XC# comes with compilation attributes for

  • obfuscation
  • declarative assertions
  • code coverage
  • design rules
  • code verification
  • spell checking
  • and more...

Posted to general by Ehud Lamm on 3/25/04; 2:30:36 PM

Isaac Gouy - Re: XC#  blueArrow
3/25/2004; 2:41:54 PM (reads: 250, responses: 0)
And while we're adding attributes to C#