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inactiveTopic Domain-Specific Modeling Languages
started 3/26/2004; 11:04:55 AM - last post 3/26/2004; 12:50:31 PM
Isaac Gouy - Domain-Specific Modeling Languages  blueArrow
3/26/2004; 11:04:55 AM (reads: 83, responses: 2)
Domain-Specific Modeling and Model Driven Architecture Steve Cook, Microsoft
"This article proposes that the next step towards developing a technology for software manufacturing is the development of domain specific languages, i.e., languages that instead of being focused on a particular technological problem such as programming, data interchange or configuration, are designed so that they can more directly represent the problem domain which is being addressed. We often call such languages modeling languages, and we use them to build models of the domains they address."

andrew cooke - Re: Domain-Specific Modeling Languages  blueArrow
3/26/2004; 11:59:29 AM (reads: 79, responses: 0)
there's a reply at the same site that's kind fo what you'd expect -

Isaac Gouy - Re: Domain-Specific Modeling Languages  blueArrow
3/26/2004; 12:50:31 PM (reads: 78, responses: 0)
And a little OOPSLA paper The Tool Factory