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Ehud Lamm - Free Zope Hosting  blueArrow
4/21/2001; 12:51:00 PM (reads: 2590, responses: 0)
Free Zope Hosting
For a limited time is offering free Zope-Driven websites. Sign up now and receive a free website as in Note: You must provide a valid email address, otherwise you will not recieve your password to login.

What is Zope? Zope is an open-source web application platform for developing high-performance, dynamic, database-driven websites. Or as the O'Reilly Draft Zope Book puts it, "Zope is an Open Source application server, focusing on content management, portals, and custom services. Zope specializes in rapid deployment of rich network services to diverse audiences."

Should be fun to play with.

The programming language connection? You can extend Zope with so called Zope products using Python.

Posted to Python by Ehud Lamm on 4/21/01; 12:53:11 PM