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inactiveTopic Eric Lippert does SimpleScript
started 3/30/2004; 3:13:20 PM - last post 4/3/2004; 7:06:56 AM
Dan Shappir - Eric Lippert does SimpleScript  blueArrow
3/30/2004; 3:13:20 PM (reads: 11876, responses: 6)
Eric Lippert does SimpleScript
I got to thinking last night that maybe it would be interesting to develop a script engine from scratch, describing every interface as I implement it, giving some of the design history behind the interfaces, etc, etc, etc. I could start it in C++ and then see whether there were ways to make it work well in managed code, etc.

Ehud, I recall you asking for exactly this information. Seems Eric Lippert is going to provide it over weeks/months.
Posted to implementation by Dan Shappir on 3/30/04; 3:14:07 PM

Ehud Lamm - Re: Eric Lippert does SimpleScript  blueArrow
3/31/2004; 12:13:32 AM (reads: 540, responses: 0)
Thanks for the heads up. This series is probably going to be quite useful.

todd - Re: Eric Lippert does SimpleScript  blueArrow
3/31/2004; 9:11:50 AM (reads: 455, responses: 0)
Is this a new reality show?

bryan rasmussen - Re: Eric Lippert does SimpleScript  blueArrow
4/1/2004; 11:37:00 AM (reads: 302, responses: 0)
a good scripting technology tool and the simplest scripting language you can have: NullScript

Chris Rathman - Re: Eric Lippert does SimpleScript  blueArrow
4/2/2004; 8:52:07 AM (reads: 214, responses: 0)
Re: NullScript. Ehud was asking about Windows Scripting? a while back. The NullScript link is a good resource if he's still interested.

xeo_at_thermopylae - Re: Eric Lippert does SimpleScript  blueArrow
4/2/2004; 9:58:54 AM (reads: 216, responses: 0)
FWIW the original question asked in NullScript, namely "I'd be interested to see how ASP really works." was asked and answered years ago. Searching Google (possibly then Deja) newsgroup archives shows that ASP's inner workings were public knowledge. E.g., Andrew Clinick of Microsoft lays out an answer in a 1998 post to Microsoft's scripting newsgroups at Writing an ASP parser.

Always good to do research.

On another note, there is a book out there that describes exactly how to write scripting languages for IIS. It's ASP Internals by Jon Flanders. I remember thumbing through the text at Border's bookstore while cursing the weaknesses of ASP and swearing that I would write a new version of VBScript for IIS that included native hashed variables, binary file I/O, and page execution prioritization. Instead, Microsoft terminated VBScript support in .NET, so luckily I'm not obligated.

bryan rasmussen - Re: Eric Lippert does SimpleScript  blueArrow
4/3/2004; 7:06:56 AM (reads: 152, responses: 0)
'Always good to do research' I think I prefer a combination of handy tool and documentation for researching the inner workings of something, as opposed to one or the other in isolation.