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inactiveTopic Making Oz capability-secure
started 4/1/2004; 1:58:08 PM - last post 4/1/2004; 2:06:38 PM
Fred Spiessens - Making Oz capability-secure  blueArrow
4/1/2004; 1:58:08 PM (reads: 115, responses: 1)
Hi, I just joined, so I just drop a few lines to let you know who I am and what I'm doing. I'm working on Oz to make it a secure language, in the sense the E-language claims to be secure (capabilities). My aim is also towards a more formal approach on capabilities. Peter Van Roy is my promoter, Mark Miller (E-language) and Jean-Jaques Quisquater are in my thesis committee. You can have a look at my ongoing work here: and since it's a wiki site, your comments are welcome there. Here's my cv:

best regards, Fred Spiessens

Fred Spiessens - Re: Making Oz capability-secure  blueArrow
4/1/2004; 2:06:38 PM (reads: 114, responses: 0)
should have been: Fred.