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started 4/5/2004; 3:44:02 AM - last post 4/5/2004; 1:12:34 PM
Ehud Lamm - Play nice...  blueArrow
4/5/2004; 3:44:02 AM (reads: 9587, responses: 2)
Play nice...
I am going to be on Holdiay until the 14/4. If I survive the London weather, I'll be back around that date, full of new PL-related ideas (or not).

Which reminds me of the classic joke about English weather: Other places have weather, we British have a climate...

So play nice, and have a happy Passover if you are one of us Jews...

Posted to admin by Ehud Lamm on 4/5/04; 3:49:00 AM

David B. Wildgoose - Re: Play nice...  blueArrow
4/5/2004; 5:09:12 AM (reads: 359, responses: 0)
Unless I'm mistaken, Britain is recognised as having one of the most unpredictable weather systems in the world owing to it being the meeting place of highly contrasting air masses (and having the effects of the North Atlantic Drift/Gulf Stream as well).

So, what is a joke to others, is a source of endless fascination for those us winning first prize in the Lottery of Life. :-)

Here's an example:

John Kozak - Re: Play nice...  blueArrow
4/5/2004; 1:12:34 PM (reads: 278, responses: 0)
Well, it's just been hailing in London, having been quite warm a few days ago. Scottish weather is even more interesting.

Ehud, has anyone told you about the SchemeUK meeting in London on Wednesday evening?